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The best?
When I was looking for a new style for your forum, I experienced a lot of booring, messed up themes. Much of the styles looked awful, but when I came to CompleteVB I saw the best of the best. Modern and skillfully crafted themes. Professional. I therefore recommend CompleteVB
WOnderful Skins!
Been using CompleteVB themes ever since I upgraded to vB4. I have not even installed any other skins from other sites as they seem inferior. I love the RoyalFlush skin so much that I even made a complete Black and Green versions of it, even though it did take me a lot of time. I hope you create more beautiful skins in the future.
A pleasure
After a tough search amongst the internet to try and find the perfect style/skin for my website I saw a link on a site to CompleteVB and came here to look at what they have on offer. After looking at their sleek, elegant, and professional designs I have since brought six themes, three of them with branding free and continue to look at purchasing more. The support provided by the team here at CompleteVB is far and beyond anything available elsewhere, and their continued push to ensure their customers are satisfied is well beyond what you would expect when you purchase a pre-made skin.

CompleteVB are the only website I recommend anyone looking to purchase a theme visit, and I am definately a proud customer. The templates are easy to edit, the styles are enjoyed by all, and the continued 3 for the price of 2 sale ensures that you get great value for your money.
Providing Something Unique
CompletevB has something special, something we always look for when recommending skins to our clients.
They exemplify, not only through their ready to purchase vBulletin skins, but within every element of their expression: from the custom skins we have seen them create, to their new website redesign, and even their name, a quality very valuable in the forum building world: a sense of creativity that is truly "Complete". The uniquely aesthetically pleasing quality of their skins signifies a comprehensive approach to design that always considers the overall appearance of the forums - the bigger picture - in every pixel, even when expertly crafting the elegant details.
It is a methodology that is a pivotal factor in creating the ideal forum experience, and we appreciate every chance we have to work with them: from referrals, to purchasing their ready-made and custom designs.
At last!! Someone who makes quality skins!
Keep up the good work on the skins, they're without a doubt the best VB4 ones out there.. It's nice to see someone putting in the effort to do quality templates. I know how much of a pain in the rear the VB4 templating system can be so I hope you are reaping the rewards from the effort you must have put in.

High quality designs at affordable prices
We have purchased and used CompleteVB skins at many sites and we've always been very happy with the quality of the product. When you consider the price the skins are a no brainer. CompleteVB is the only skin designer out there making high quality, usable skins for the VB4 family of products. We are very happy with the level of support that we receive and will surely use CompleteVB skins well into the future.
Thank you for making a great product that we use day in and day out!
vBulletin should have the same support as CompletevB!
Well, I've bought the Animated Arena skin. The skin is very good, no bugs and clean coding (as far that is possible with vBulletin). The way vBulletin handles updates, it is absolutely not easy for a designer to keep with their themes. But CompletevB does it's job very good. Every time a patch is released, within 2 weeks max, we have an update. Very nice!
Another thing: Last time I send an e-mail with complaints about a general F.A.Q. etc. This wasn't so good at the time. I made my point clear and explained that a good F.A.Q. would benefit both sides (less work for support-team and less frustration for customers). And look what they did: They redesigned their site and implemented a HelpDesk and a F.A.Q.
This clearly is a sign that they want to be honest with their customers!
A very happy customer!
High Quality Skins + Support!
I run a forum for students at a university and my users were getting bored of the free themes I was using for a long time. I too was tired of searching for themes.
One day, my eyes fell on CompleteVB and in an instant I fell in love with the AnimatedArena skin. It was brilliantly designed as though it was made for my forum. I purchased it instantly and my users love it. More and more users got attracted to my forum only because of the awesome new skin! CompleteVB is my new home for vB skins.
I ran into few troubles initially but the support team was really quick to solve my issues (in less than 3 minutes!). Thank you for the most flawlessly unique themes you provide + the really fast and kind support! I highly recommend anyone looking for premium vB skins to check out CompleteVB. :)

A very happy client!
Very Happy With Complete vB
I've been using the default VB4 skin since transferring my phpBB forum to Vbulletin in early 2010. I wanted to use a new skin but never got around to doing anything about it.
So over the last couple of weeks i've been searching the internet for a good skin to use and try out. Up popped and I found that they had the most attractive skins for VB4 out of anyone else.
The site was well laid out and seemed very professional. It was easy to browse the various skins and you could even see a live forum using that particular skin.
I settled on the one I liked the look of and bought it. It was very easy to do and very quick. I downloaded the skin and added it to my site in next to no time.
If you are looking for a good skin and want a professional and safe site to use, then you can't go wrong with
I'm a very happy customer and i'm sure I will buy some more skins from these guys.
Keep up the great work.
Mark Brown.
high quality and very nice layout
We use two 4.x vBulletin skins and were surprised by the high quality and very nice layout. For our third project we buy another CompletevB style.

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